Alexander the Great & the End of Persepolis

Young and charismatic like Cyrus before him, it was Alexander the Great of Macedonia who finally ended the First Persian Empire. Having defeated the Greeks and Egyptians, Alexander saw off...

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Cambyses & Darius

In 525 BC, Cyrus’ son, Cambyses, captured most of Egypt and coastal regions well into modern Libya. It was later recorded that Cambyses had quietly arranged the assassination of his...

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The Achaemenids & the Rise of Cyrus

In the 7th century BC the king of one of the Persian tribes, Achaemenes, created a unified state in southern Iran, giving his name to what would become the First...

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The Elamites & Medians

Elam was the lowland region in what is now Khuzestan province and the first organised settlements appeared as far back as 2600 BC. Elam was close enough to Mesopotamia and...

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Iran’s history from beginning to Qajar dynasty

Introduction on iran’s history When we’re talking on iran’s history we must notice to the point, are we talking about peoples or ethnics whom lived in iran’s current borders from...

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Archaeologist, businessman, chairman of online business and owner of one of the most successful online payment websites in Iran. Ali Ashkezari born in 13/05/1998 Narmak district, Tehran, Iran. He graduated...

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