Tahirid dynasty

Tahirid dynasty is first Iranian independent dynasty after Arab’s invasion. In the beginning of 3rd century , taher ibn hossein one of mamun’s commander declared his disobedience from mamun. He...

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46 years of zand dyansty, how it passed?

Zand era was only 46 years, their capital city was shiraz. they came to power after Afsharid dynasty and before Qajarids. Karim khan zand as founder of this dynasty annoyed...

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Afsharid dynasty and King Nader

Nader shah afshar was chief of afsharid tribe and king of Afsharid dynasty whom ruled Iran for 11 years. His capital city was mashhad. Nader shah afshar born in 1688...

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Achaemenids from beginning to end

Achaemenids from beginning to end Achaemenids is Iranian pro-islamic dynasty. kings of this dynasty were presian and Achaemenes as their apical ancestor was from pasargad tribe of Persian. At the...

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The Sassanids & the Second Persian Empire

Like the Achaemenids before them, the Sassanid rise from small-time dynasty to empire was nothing short of staggering. Beginning in the province of Fars, Ardashir I (r 224–41) led a...

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The Parthian Takeover

The Parthians had settled the area between the Caspian and Aral Seas many centuries before. Under their great king Mithridates (r 171–138 BC), they swallowed most of Persia and then...

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